Tuesday, October 2, 2012


In case you've been worried about our lack of appearance in the blogging world.... we're still alive!!! 
We're (but mostly me) just not functioning personal bloggers. 
I'm great at updating my photo blog! 
But something about getting on the internet and writing all about my personal life really freaks me out. 
I know it is possible to blog about personal things and not sound like a fool, but I also know that is EXTREMELY easy to sound exactly like a fool. 
I've read those blogs. 
Those blogs are embarrassing. 
I don't want to be those blogs. 
Which is also why I  have a hard time writing any type of a description for my photo blog. 
I hardly ever write anything more than a few sentences. 
Mostly because I am not very confident in my writing skills, and I'm even less confident in my grammar skills. 
And I know all you GRAMMAR JUNKIES are reading this! 
But hey....I'm not an english major (although I thought I was for a few semesters there), I don't have to write papers for my major, I just have to make things look pretty - which, in my opinion, can be just as difficult as using proper grammar. 

With that all said, I'd like to become a personal blogger. 
I think it will be good for me and maybe even improve my writing and grammar skills. 

the end. and a pretty picture of us! 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

2 cute & cuddly new things!!

Meet Tobias! He is the cutest little kitten ever!! Kyle got me him for an early birthday present -- he is so cute and sweet and cuddly. 

except that sometimes he steps in his poop and its gross and i don't like having to clean up after him. 
guess this will prepare me for children. gross. 

and also meet Henrietta June Beck!!!  She was born yesterday and was 7lbs 14oz (same weight as me!) 
This is my sister Kelly's baby, she looks so much like her older brother Ollie. 

check out those cheeks! 

i love how tight the hospital bundled her up. 
so cute! 

secretly i think kyle got me the kitten so i would stop bringing up babies -- but babies are so cute and soft and they smell so good (except when they poop....) 

but i think the kitten will be enough for us for the next few years. and i'll just get my baby fix with all my nieces and nephews. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

quick post

so i changed the web address of my photography blog...... 

its now tracyhillphotography.blogspot.com

so sorry to confuse you all! 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

kyle turned 22, so we went to moab!

I am way late in posting this...but hey welcome to real life where there is no such thing as "time for blogging"

but we did, in fact, go to moab for kyle's birthday and for one last fun thing before school started and killed our souls.

we went mountain biking and to the fiery furnace and swimming and ate delicious pasta!

check out my cute bell. i also have a matching toaster, lamp, wallet and teapot (in case you were wondering)

you can tell that we really like moab. and also that we look way good hiking.

in kyle's mind....he is spider man or some sort of man that can run and jump and climb anything and everything he see's. so while he does that....i just stand at the bottom and document the whole thing. we make a real great couple.

kyle took me to this magical place of music- its a park in the middle of moab that just has tons of big music things, like the one above. i felt like a real musician.

and finally here is a portrait of kyle on a rock with a beautiful cloudy sky in the background.
(yea i know, i'm wayyyyyyy good at photoshop. hahahah joking)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

trek up a mountain

The week before school started we decided to make the trek up the Almighty Timpanogas.
We started at 1:30am and got to the top around 5:30ish.
(okay maybe not the top top, but the base of the top because it was cold and the sun was already coming up and we were kinda tired........hahaha)

miriem hated her life i think.

But the sunrise was real pretty -
when you hike at night you don't realize how pretty everything is up on the mountain.

I love Timp!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

trikes, bikes, picnics, food

So my sister, Kelly, and her husband, Sunny, bought this amazing tricycle and fixed it up and made it so they can strap Ollie into the back, or one of them can sit in the back and hold Ollie. Isn't it so cool?

You can tell Kyle thinks its really cool by the look on his face above, and below. Also my face is looking pretty excited as well.
hope you noticed!

Kelly is prego with baby #2 - a little girl, that i can't WAIT to see and hold!
not coming till november though. :(

this little guy is just so much fun to take photos of. he has such good eyes and chubbo cheeks that are great!

aww my cute husband likes to play pretend in the woods.........
(i promise he's not 7 years old)

we don't smile in the forrest.

oh, and also sometimes i am a good little house wife that makes my husband dinner!

Bright Eyes

I love twilight concert series. Kyle may or may not have lied to his work and told them he had another job every thursday night....just so we could go to the concert series.
bad husband.
but look how cute he is!

katie wade is the best. oh and cj is cool too.

sorry kyle...i think i shall leave you for this attractive man with a nipple tattoo!

saw these cute folks up there.

we might love each other

conor oberst is my lover i don't have to love.