Saturday, November 19, 2011

2 cute & cuddly new things!!

Meet Tobias! He is the cutest little kitten ever!! Kyle got me him for an early birthday present -- he is so cute and sweet and cuddly. 

except that sometimes he steps in his poop and its gross and i don't like having to clean up after him. 
guess this will prepare me for children. gross. 

and also meet Henrietta June Beck!!!  She was born yesterday and was 7lbs 14oz (same weight as me!) 
This is my sister Kelly's baby, she looks so much like her older brother Ollie. 

check out those cheeks! 

i love how tight the hospital bundled her up. 
so cute! 

secretly i think kyle got me the kitten so i would stop bringing up babies -- but babies are so cute and soft and they smell so good (except when they poop....) 

but i think the kitten will be enough for us for the next few years. and i'll just get my baby fix with all my nieces and nephews. 


  1. thats my cute little Henny! thx for taking some cute pics for us!!

  2. What a great name! And she does look like Ollie. Also Tobias is cute. He looks like a little trouble maker ha.