Saturday, September 10, 2011

trek up a mountain

The week before school started we decided to make the trek up the Almighty Timpanogas.
We started at 1:30am and got to the top around 5:30ish.
(okay maybe not the top top, but the base of the top because it was cold and the sun was already coming up and we were kinda tired........hahaha)

miriem hated her life i think.

But the sunrise was real pretty -
when you hike at night you don't realize how pretty everything is up on the mountain.

I love Timp!


  1. I LOVE hiking Mt. Timp too. Someday I will run it with my dad. Yeah...he actually runs it...the whole way...but am lacking a good "training course" here in WA. The closest thing I have to a "mountain" here is about 1.? (something) miles to the top and takes me less than 30 minutes to job up. Yeah...somehow I don't think that compared to Timp's round trip. UGH!

  2. Haha! When I hiked timp we stopped because we were cold and the sun was already rising too. Then we all laid on top of each other and slept for like an hour. Good times.