Tuesday, October 4, 2011

kyle turned 22, so we went to moab!

I am way late in posting this...but hey welcome to real life where there is no such thing as "time for blogging"

but we did, in fact, go to moab for kyle's birthday and for one last fun thing before school started and killed our souls.

we went mountain biking and to the fiery furnace and swimming and ate delicious pasta!

check out my cute bell. i also have a matching toaster, lamp, wallet and teapot (in case you were wondering)

you can tell that we really like moab. and also that we look way good hiking.

in kyle's mind....he is spider man or some sort of man that can run and jump and climb anything and everything he see's. so while he does that....i just stand at the bottom and document the whole thing. we make a real great couple.

kyle took me to this magical place of music- its a park in the middle of moab that just has tons of big music things, like the one above. i felt like a real musician.

and finally here is a portrait of kyle on a rock with a beautiful cloudy sky in the background.
(yea i know, i'm wayyyyyyy good at photoshop. hahahah joking)


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun.

    Your pictures are beautiful by the way. Did you really photoshop them?

  2. that last picture should be the cover of 127 hours or something of that nature. is nice.