Thursday, September 8, 2011

trikes, bikes, picnics, food

So my sister, Kelly, and her husband, Sunny, bought this amazing tricycle and fixed it up and made it so they can strap Ollie into the back, or one of them can sit in the back and hold Ollie. Isn't it so cool?

You can tell Kyle thinks its really cool by the look on his face above, and below. Also my face is looking pretty excited as well.
hope you noticed!

Kelly is prego with baby #2 - a little girl, that i can't WAIT to see and hold!
not coming till november though. :(

this little guy is just so much fun to take photos of. he has such good eyes and chubbo cheeks that are great!

aww my cute husband likes to play pretend in the woods.........
(i promise he's not 7 years old)

we don't smile in the forrest.

oh, and also sometimes i am a good little house wife that makes my husband dinner!


  1. Not only do you make him dinner but you decorate the table too. Good for you. You are a much better housewife than I started out to be. :)

  2. i might be a little bias, but i kinda love this post. And that pic of Ollie in church clothes is so good!!! and the pic of my belly, not so much. But the pic of you guys on the bike making ironic faces that i took turned out quite well.

  3. whoa! talk about domestic. you're cute and this post is darling.

  4. that dinner looks so fun! maybe you should do food photography! so fun, but it'd probabally allow you to gain 39 extra pounds!

  5. p.s. hello david messenger (tricicle)