Monday, August 15, 2011

bear lake

We went up to Bear Lake last weekend for Raspberry Days. It was so much fun! We just camped on the lake, went hiking, to a rodeo and the last day we rented a wave runner and spent some time on the lake.

The first night we went to a delicious Pizza place.
I love pizza.

what a great husband that can put up tents and do manly things.

We went up to the Minnetonka Caves...Kyle is a sweet talker and got the lady to let us in a tour that was sold out. Thanks Kyle that was so nice of you to flirt with the pretty tour guide.

We went on a short hike to this little lake that had a way fun rope swing. Kyle likes to show off his skills and do back flips every time. While i just swing and drop. Don't worry, the water was exactly like ice.

I like this old barn. it is very cool looking and somewhat creepy-ish.
Also we went to a Rodeo. I had never been to one! But turns out I didn't like it too much. They are so mean to the baby little calves. :(
I couldn't watch. ha I think people around us thought I was dumb.

They tied money to a calf and had all the little kids (ages 4-9) chase the calf around till someone got the money. hahahahaha it was so funny. the little kids would chase the calf, and then the calf would turn around and run towards them and they'd all start screaming and run away. very funny. haha

Kyle is a fisherman.

On our way home we got to stop and see Taryn (kyle's older sister) and see the little baby boy that she had that Saturday - He's so cute and tiny and i love new borns! His name is John Richard Hoopes. Also my sister Whiteny had her baby this week! I'm so sad i'm not out in memphis. That little guy is named, Logan McAdams. Can't wait to see him!


  1. It is no wonder Kyle was able to talk his way into the tour if he was wearing those delectable spandex while sweet talking...

  2. I LOVE watching the bull riding. That's my favorite part.

    BTW, thought you were naked (or at least bottomless) nin the swimming picture up there. :)

  3. Hi! Cute blog post. Did i ever tell you sorry for not meeting up in Bear Lake? Didn't have my phone with me much. Hope all is forgiven. Love ya lots you polar bear. lets hang

  4. I have a lot of comments on this and am sure I will forget some. 1.why do all hospitals have those same blankets? 2. Raspberry days looks super fun 3. Why do you look so great with no make up? 4. I think when Josh and Kyle get together with a rope swing, there will be trouble to be had! 5. Speaking of "manly things, those spandex of kyles!

  5. first of all i love these pictures too.
    second, agreed, you look great with no makeup, impressive.
    third, apparently bear lake is all the rage, i keep hearing people talk about it this summer. i must have missed something because i've never been. i need to get up there apparently!!

  6. Hey, it'a fun to look at your blog. You really do take amazing pictures. You two look like naturals holding little Johnny.