Tuesday, July 26, 2011

st george trip in may

We took a road trip down to St. George for the weekend back in May.

I took my film camera b/c i'd ordered some lomography film.
(i love film btw)

[in case you were wondering....the gas station in Scipio has a FREE petting zoo - so fun - and they also have the best selection of fake tattoo's in all of utah probably]

we stopped at a canyon (...bryce..?? sorry i'm dumb and forgot. whoops) for a second

kyle likes to show off his manly-ness but stretching his body across things (ex. railings, trees, rocks....you'll notice this in other photos)

above: baby ollie and sister kelly - below: sister lindsey

check out that sexy tatt

we are fun.

ps if you wanna check out my photo blog (sometimes i like to pretend i'm a photographer) click RIGHT HERE!


  1. the best part about this blog layout is that i love the colors. but the worst part is that since it's yellow writing i can't see any of the words on google reader. just fyi.

  2. um so...you look exactly like mom in that last picture. I was really confused about who you were and couldn't figure it out for a minute. Kyle didn't look like Kyle either.