Wednesday, July 6, 2011

we're married!!!!!

we finally got married!

i decided to start a married blog - cause i think thats what people do once they're married i guess.

married life is great! we love it and are having so much fun!

here are some bridals, taken by Alixann Loosle.
She is amazing!! I love her work!!

who ever thought i'd get married at 21? not me - but i'm glad i did!


  1. you're married!!
    let's hang out!
    i love these pictures, i wanna see more!!!

  2. Tracy I'm not sure if you remember me but I am your sister Kelly's friend and I married CJ Bacon's older brother Casey. I am in love with your dress!!! I have to know if you had it custom made or if you made it because I know you are amazing like that. Congrats on getting married. Married life is wonderful! You look so beautiful.

  3. Tracy!!! Welcome to married life and having a married blog now. Join the club sister. I have a blog too, but I'm way crappy at taking pictures (don't judge me).