Sunday, July 10, 2011

wedding day!

Here are some pictures from the wedding day -

outside the temple and then some from the reception in my parents backyard.

This day was so much fun! it was a tiny bit of a blur but it was a great day.

my friend Rachel took all our wedding day photos. to see her blog, click here.


  1. tracy, these are seriously so beautiful! I wish I could have come to the reception. oh, and you have to tell me where you got your perfect dress so I can look there at some distance point in my future haha

  2. gorgeous pictures. The Perfect Dress is where I found my wedding dress as well!!! I love that place. Your dress was definitely perfect!

  3. Those pictures are beautiful. I had no idea you had known him so long. Awesome!

  4. gorgeous wedding! and alix did great with your photos! It was so good seeing you the other night... now we can be blog friends! xo.