Tuesday, July 19, 2011

don't trust hobo's with knives

Saturday night (11:30pm) we're waking home from Cafe West (hospital cafe, delicious cheap food - and a soda fountain from the future) and we passed a hobo sitting on the side of the road holding/waving a dagger/knife at us mumbling who knows what.

I thought he said something like..."I'm gonna kill you, you young couples."

Kyle didn't believe me. But i was scared and we walked extremely fast the rest of the way home.

notice anything wrong with this story?

I didn't, until i told it to one of my co-workers monday and she asked, "so did you call the police??"

the answer to that question: nope.

didn't even cross our minds.

so here is my public apology to anyone who was later hurt by that creepy creepy man.

i'm so so sorry.


  1. ha ha that is scary! Is the hospital cafe the one that I used to work at?? at UVRMC yeah? they had yummy food :)

  2. haha i love this.

    cole and i haven't stopped thinking about the futuristic coke machine. wanna go? call us